Out of My Ozone by Vince Conrad

Vince Conrad Productions (VCP) is allowing a sneak preview for VCP visitors of a demo test pressing of "Out of My Ozone" a new song on the 2nd Vince Conrad solo EP.  This version is only a preview and will only be listed here for a limited time. The 2nd Vince Conrad solo EP entitled, "Transition" will be released in August 2018 and available for download exclusively on the VCP website.   

Out of My Ozone



In July 2018, Vince Conrad Productions (VCP) will be releasing a two-song single, which includes, "Working In A Restaurant" and "Comatose."  Both songs were written by Vince Conrad in the early 1980's but never released for sale to the general public.  These songs have been re-recorded by Vince Conrad in 2018 and will be available for the first time exclusively on the VCP website.  Both songs are firmly rooted in the old-school punk rock style that continues to emerge from VCP.  Watch for the new Vince Conrad download available only on the VCP website in July 2018!




It has been a busy year so far for Vince Conrad Productions (VCP). VCP is nearing completion of two additional musical projects, both distinctly different. Vince Conrad will soon be releasing his second solo EP, which contains six brand new songs within a contemporary punk rock genre, but which still contain early influences from the New York and Los Angeles punk music scenes. The songs are a blend of driving guitar embellished with unusual vocal melodies, abrasive lyrics and subtle but alluring musical motifs. One song, “My Side” features Terry Thomas of the Pittsburgh punk band, the Ultimatics playing lead guitar, which is unquestionably one of the best songs on the record. Vince Conrad single handedly wrote, recorded, and produced all songs on the new release. The new Vince Conrad EP, simply entitled, “Transition” is scheduled for release during August 2018, and will be available for sale exclusively through the VCP website.










Also, in 2017 Vince Conrad Productions joined forces with the Ebae Bongos.  The Ebae Bongos is a brand new project that captures a diversity of musicianship and pop music styles in the underlying six compositions on the debut EP entitled, "City Streets."   All songs on the new EP were written by Vince Conrad and the Ebae Bongos.  Vince appears, courtesy of VCP and plays guitar and bass on the new EP.  City Streets, the debut EP from the Ebae Bongos is scheduled for release in September 2018.  

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VINCE CONRAD - Appears on LA's - A Beautiful Disaster Punk Radio Show! 

On January 17, 2017, Vince Conrad appeared as an in-studio guest on A Beautiful Disaster punk rock radio show on KaoticRadio.com, with LA's greatest DJ's,  Dutchie Hollands & Kat Monroe.  The legendary photographer, Sal of Sal's Photos also joined the Kaotic party as an in-studio guest and of course, took the group photo above.  Vince discussed many of his experiences in the 1970's New York & LA punk scenes, the previously undiscovered punk music offered by Vince Conrad Productions and TWO brand new music projects he is just beginning.  Stay tuned for future developments.

Punk Globe Magazine's Jimi LaLumia Reviews - Vince Conrad & The Smart Pills 

Vince Conrad & The Smart Pills in January 2017 issue of PUNK GLOBE MAGAZINE.  Ginger Coyote's legendary San Francisco based Punk Globe Magazine, article by Jimi LaLumia reviews Vince Conrad & The Smart Pills.  LaLumia says more of the 1970s punk/new wave bands that didn't get major publicity are re-emerging with great material!  Vince Conrad, a veteran of the late 70s punk scene on both coasts has released some great material that reflects his career.

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Jimi LaLumia Reviews Music Offerred by Vince Conrad Productions for - New York's Good Times Magazine! 

On December 26, 2016, Jimi LaLumia discussed the music offered by Vince Conrad Productions in his Rhythm Tracking Column in New York's national music publication - Good Times Magazine.  LaLumia says more bands are re-emerging and Vince Conrad, a veteran of the late 1970s on both coasts has released some great material!

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KaoticRadio.com in LA Spins - The Smart Pills - Lost Studio Recordings EP - 1979 

On November 3rd & 4th, Kat & Alina played "Yankee Doodle Boy" & "Brainwash" on "Look What The Kat Dragged In" punk rock radio show in LA.  You can listen to Kat, Alina & the new tracks from the Smart Pills EP under the "Radio Shows" tab on this website!  December 2, 2016, is the official release date for The Smart Pills - Lost Studio Recordings EP - 1979, which will be available for review, download & purchase exclusively on the Vince Conrad Productions website.